ROB3115 is an interactive graphic novel that is influenced by the reader’s brainwaves. The experience is driven by the reader’s ability to cognitively engage with the story. ROB3115’s narrative and its fundamental interactive mechanic – the reader’s ability to focus – are tightly intertwined by virtue of a philosophical supposition linking consciousness with attention.

ROB3115 explores the intersection of interactive narrative, visual storytelling, and brain-computer interfacing. The experience, designed for an individual, puts the reader in the shoes of a highly intelligent artificial being that begins to perceive a sense of consciousness. By using a NeuroSky brainwave sensor, the reader’s brain activity directly affects the internal dialogue of the main character, in turn, dictating the outcome of his series of psychosomatic realizations. The system is an adaptation of the traditional choose-your-own-adventure. However, instead of actively making decisions at critical points in the narrative, the reader subconciously affects the story via their level of cognative engagement. This pieace makes use of new media devices while, at the same time, commenting on the seemingly inevitable implications of their introduction into society.


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  1. Hi, My name is Kevin Gillespie, but I do, MUCH prefer to be called Kev. :). I live in Wales. :).

    I am now Following your Blog. 🙂

    • Awesome! Spread the word if you think it’s cool. If I can get enough support behind this project, I’d like to turn it into a full-length, neuro-interactive graphic novel – ideally for iOS and Android. This piece, Rob3115, comprises chapter 1… or chapter zero maybe. It’s somewhat of a prologue.

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