Web-Based Story Draft 3 (Twine)


I haven’t written the alternative endings yet. And even if I had I probably wouldn’t give them to you.

Play Testers of Thesis Draft (while recording brain activity)

So I had three people test the above web-based draft of the work while I recorded their attention levels using a NeuroSky Mindband. I had each tester read the story through once while their brain activity was being recorded, and then I had them read the story a second time while recording the same parameter. In each of the three tests, the attention level was more variable during the first session. Additionally in each participant’s first session, their attention level was higher in the first half of the story as opposed to the second half.

The feedback that I got from each reader was that they seemed to lose focus with the story during the pages with longer passages. They wanted the feeling of progression without having to do as much work. The tests are below:

Tester 1

Tester 2

Tester 3


About Conor Russomanno

I'm an artist, an engineer, and everything in between. I like thinking about how technology can be used to improve the human experience.
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