Thesis I (Fall 2012) Final Paper

This paper documents the formation of my thesis concept over the course of my Fall 2012 semester, with instructors Marko Tandefelt and Loretta Wolozin, in my 2nd year of my Masters of Fine Arts in Design & Technology at Parsons School of design. The semester started with me being pretty set on making a mobile application for synthesizing brain activity data from a wearable EEG device, but evolved into something that I felt fit the scope of an MFA thesis more appropriately. I’m still very interested in exploring wearable EEG and personal neurofeedback, but my new thesis concept, that has evolved into rob3115, is very exciting because it combines 2 of my deepest passions, brain interfacing and visual storytelling.



About Conor Russomanno

I'm an artist, an engineer, and everything in between. I like thinking about how technology can be used to improve the human experience.
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